The Keyless Lock Company was the successor to the Morris Lock Company and the L.B. Williams Lock Company of Seward, Nebraska.

In November, 1892, the company was reorganized and moved to Indianapolis with Arthur Jordan as President. They occupied a substantial structure for that time period, the building was 40×150 feet, and equipped with every modern appliance and special machinery.  The wood working department was at 295 Christian avenue.  Sixty skilled workmen were employed plus traveling salesmen.

This company was the leading one in the country manufacturing keyless locks and complete post office outfits.  The Company manufactured the only practical keyless lock boxes in existence along with post office cabinets, furniture and fixtures, paneled and molded front counters of hard woods, flat top desks for post masters, keyless steel letter boxes, document boxes, keyless cabinets, also desk, closet, wardrobe and closet locks, keyless stamping blocks and post office supplies of every description.

The lock is not complicated, does not get out of order, and is not like a safe lock, nevertheless it is the only lock made that cannot be picked.  It has no tumblers and in short is simplicity, security, durability and beauty combined.  Nine thousand combinations are possible with the lock without a book of instructions, or taking lock apart, and box post office renters can and do change it to suite themselves.

Safe Banks that were made by the Keyless Lock Company include: “The Keyless Safety Deposit” in cast iron, “The Keyless Savings Bank” in tin, and the “Lumbermen’s Building and Loan Association” in cast iron.  Additionally, they made the Salt Lake City “Tabernacle Building” bank – Moore No. 976 – in cast iron.